Student leader breakfasts provide forums for confidential peer-to-peer conversation among member school-selected student leaders.

The PCW sponsors two such breakfasts, one for high school students and another for middle school students. Both programs generate great enthusiasm, participation, and follow-up written summaries that are shared directly with member schools. These summaries contain no specific school or student identification information.

Upper School Student Leader Breakfast is a moderated, open, and confidential program for member school juniors and seniors. Each school is invited to select two student leaders to represent their school’s perspective and to speak on issues facing students, such as time management, risk taking behavior, relationships, the power of schools beyond their borders, academic integrity/cheating, stress, and regulating student speech. Throughout the day, students select conversation topics and explore them in-depth in both large and small group settings.

Middle School Student Leader Breakfast presents an opportunity for today’s youngest teens to join together to discuss issues of importance to them. Member schools are invited to send two seventh graders for breakfast and self-directed conversation in both large and small group contexts. Conversation can explore issues such as social status, self-image, stress, technology, communication with family and teachers and social media, among other topics. A separate and similar discussion also occurs concurrently among administrators accompanying student attendees.

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