What does the Parents Council of Washington (PCW) do?

The Parents Council of Washington promotes excellence in education by fostering closer communication among parents, students, and independent schools. We provide our member school communities with educational programs, speaker events, interactive parent and student forums, and numerous other resources via the PCW website.

Who is eligible for membership in the Parents Council of Washington?

All independent schools in the Washington, DC metropolitan area are welcome upon completion of a membership application and payment of annual dues, determined by the size of the student body.  If your school is interested in PCW membership, please contact administration@parentscouncil.org for additional information.

Which schools are members of the Parents Council of Washington?

PCW has about 60 member schools, representing approximately 27,000 students.

What are the benefits of Membership?

Membership in the Parents Council of Washington provides:

  • An Established Network – a parent, school, and student network for member school communities in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and best practices.
  • A Variety of Resources – archived summaries of PCW’s diverse programs, as well as an assortment of interesting websites, books/articles and information, are readily available on the PCW website.

Who attends PCW programs?

  • The Fall and Spring Speaker Series is open to PCW member school parents, faculty, and administrators.
  • Fall Orientation is open to all PCW member school PA/PTO Presidents and PCW School Representatives.
  • The PA Presidents’ Discussions is open to current and incoming PA/PTO Presidents from PCW member schools only.
  • Student leader breakfasts: the Middle School Student Leader Breakfast is for selected 7th grade students and administrators from PCW member schools; and the Upper School Student Leader Breakfast is for selected 11th and 12th grade students from PCW member schools.
  • The Deans’ Luncheon is only open to upper school deans of students from PCW member schools.

How do parents join the Parents Council of Washington?

Independent schools are the members of the PCW, so all families at those member schools enjoy the benefits of PCW membership offered each school year.

How can I get involved?

PCW speaker programs and parent forums provide several opportunities for member school parents to participate throughout the year.  In addition, each member school has one or more PCW Representatives who serve as liaison to the PCW on behalf of their school.

How are PCW Representatives chosen?

Each member school selects their own parent PCW Representatives, with the selection process varying from school to school.  In some cases, school Parent Association Presidents appoint the PCW Representatives, while others are selected by Heads of School or other administrators.  If you are interested in serving as a PCW Representative, please contact your school.

What do the PCW Representatives do?

PCW member school parent Representatives are the vital link between their school communities and the PCW and its resources. Representatives are expected to attend PCW programs, including the annual orientation program each fall and various other programs throughout the academic year. Representatives also disseminate information to their school communities, encourage parents and schools to participate in PCW programs, and provide ongoing follow-up between their school and the PCW organization.