The PCW mission is to promote excellence in education by fostering communication between parents, students, and independent schools. Toward that end, the Best Practices Forum provides a peer-to-peer panel discussion and Q & A session.

Selected lower, middle, and upper school administrators share their school perspectives, practices, and findings in the context of the theme. The program itself is open to all member school communities, including administrators, faculty, parents, and representatives.

As part of the preparation for this program, the PCW solicits best practices submissions from member schools. An overview of the actual program and individual school submissions are subsequently compiled into an “e-binder” and maintained on the PCW website for interested parties to access.

Our 2017 Best Practices Forum topic is “A Child’s Brain: What Schools Know and How it Impacts Learning, Teaching and Parenting.

Join us for an insightful panel presentation about how schools assemble, track and evaluate new educational research, share information about cutting-edge results with faculty, staff, parents and students, and integrate new research into their policies, programs and curricula.

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